Effective immediately, all concerts and events produced by My Town My Music, LLC will require either proof of a full course of COVID-19 vaccination, or proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken in the prior 72 hours. Patrons must have a completed COVID-19 vaccination card, with their final dose at least fourteen days prior to the event, or a negative COVID-19 test result from 72 hours or less prior to the event.

* Please note, while this is our standard policy, it is subject to change. In addition, certain shows and/or artists may have modifications or updates to this policy. Please check the individual event page for event specific policies and requirements.

Proof of vaccination may include a physical card or a photo of a complete vaccination card that matches the patron ID. Proof of a negative test may be a printed or digital test result that matches the patron ID.

Children under 12, who cannot be vaccinated, can show a negative test to attend. People with a medical condition or closely held religious belief that prevents vaccination can attend with proof of a recent negative coronavirus test.

If you are not vaccinated, we encourage you to wear a mask even if you’ve received a negative COVID test in the last 72 hours.

Taking this step ensures the safety of our guests, staff, and the artists, and implementing this simple measure minimizes risk and the spread of the virus.

This policy applies to any indoor venue in which My My Music, LLC is hosting an event.

We may update policies on a show-by-show basis per artist or band request. Please keep an eye on your emails from MTMM.

If you are not currently vaccinated, you can find out when, where, and how to get a free COVID-19 vaccine via Minnesota’s Vaccine Connector HERE.

You can find a free testing location near you HERE.

You can request a copy of your Minnesota vaccination record HERE. For other states, find Immunization Information Systems contact information HERE.