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We want to showcase the talent in our local music scene. We're looking for local musicians to list in our local artist directory. Fill out the form below and we'll get your bio page setup on the site. Let local business, fans and venues know you're in town!

what is the local showdown?

What is the Local Artist Directory?

Rochester Local Music Scene is filled with great performers. We felt it was time to get everyone in one place to make discovering new favorites as simple as visiting the site, and browsing all the different artists. Listen to soundlcoud embeds or watch music videos. Let business owners and venues know about yourself or band when you supply your booking/contact information!

What is My Town My Music?

At My Town My Music, our goal is to help build the Rochester music scene by promoting local bands and artists, bringing more music acts to town, and connecting fans with the music they love. We do this by putting the power in the hands of music fans through our membership. Members get to vote on the performances they want to see, have a say, and help build the Rochester music scene.

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