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My Town My Music has a big goal. To build a thriving music scene in Rochester. With the Twin Cities only a short drive away and music festivals popping up in all the surrounding towns, Rochester has got its work cut out for it.

As with any big goal, things become immensely easier when you work together with your friends. This is why we decided to make My Town My Music a membership-driven. There are lots of people like you that want to see more music, better music, and bigger music in the Rochester area. So why don’t we work together to make it happen.

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Memberships give music fans like you the opportunity to build the Rochester music scene. Together we can create a thriving, vibrant, and sustainable music scene. Not only does your membership guide My Town My Music on bringing the music style that you want to see, it also provides funds to help make that music happen.

It takes just a couple minutes to set up your membership. Check out the free and premium options below to get started.

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Membership Options

6 months is the required minimum duration of all memberships to allow for planning and budgeting of concerts. You may upgrade your subscription to a higher subscription at any time. After the initial 6 month period, you may downgrade your membership plan to a lower paid membership or free membership. You may also cancel your membership after this 6 month period at any time.

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Premium Members

All paid memberships (Enthusiast, Fanatic, and Connoisseur) are considered/referred to collectively as “premium members”.

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Member ticket discounts

Because our premium members are investing in the Rochester music scene, we want to thank you by giving you a special ticket price for the shows you attend. Whether you get your tickets presale or at the door, you’ll get this reduced price. Sweet!

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Drawings for free tickets

What’s better than free? Every show, we’ll do drawings for free tickets. Dabbler and Enthusiast members will be in a drawing for 1 free ticket; Fanatic and Connoisseur members will be in a drawing for 2 free tickets. Each membership tier will have its own drawing pool. The Connoisseur winner will be upgraded to VIP (when available). Drawings are chosen at random prior to each show.

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VIP Upgrade

Connoisseur members get an extra-special experience with automatic VIP upgrade. Perks can include meeting the artist, beverages & food, priority seating, and more. VIP benefits vary by show and are available when possible.

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Priority Entrance

Who likes to wait in lines? Mention your VIP member number and skip the line.

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Presale Tickets

Don’t miss out on tickets to the hot shows. Premium members get early access to tickets for shows likely to sell out.

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MTMM sticker

Dress up that bumper, window, or laptop! All premium members get a My Town My Music sticker to show off your support for the Rochester music scene.

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MTMM T-Shirt

Connoisseur members get to show off their support for Rochester music with a free My Town My Music shirt.

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Votes per round

We want your input! One of the unique elements of being a My Town My Music member is getting to vote for the music you want to see. This can be the headliner for some shows or the opener for others. Let your voice be heard!

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New show announcements

Our members are Rochester’s biggest music fans, and we want to help keep you in the loop. We’ll let you know when new MTMM shows are announced and when other music is going on around town.

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Let's make Rochester concerts happen

Sign up for your free or premium membership to help support Rochester music. Your membership provides feedback about shows to book and helps fund concerts. As a thank you, members get discounted tickets, presale access, drawings for free tickets, VIP upgrades, MTMM gear, and more.

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