Amy Abts is a musician, writer, actor and artist who from the age of 7 has been performing consistently over 34 years. A native Minnesotan, she grew up in Rochester and then spent about 12 years in Duluth.

She recorded and released her first album in 1999. She self-released a 21 track album and then formed The State Champs. After several line-ups and about 5 years of performing and recording under their belt, they released their album on Alan Sparhawk’s Chairkickers Union label in 2006.

In 2006 Amy began to have some unusual medical symptoms and in 2007 was diagnosed with a degenerative cranial nerve disorder at the Mayo Clinic. This ultimately led to 2 brain surgeries in ’09 and ’10.

She formed a musical trio (Extinct Gingers) and released a rudimentary demo in 2014. They disbanded as Amy’s medical situation grew more complicated. From 2015 to 2017 she experienced balance loss as a result of brain damage to her cerebellum. Despite these setbacks, she continued to play and write music. She joined the band Glitter Lung in 2016. In May of 2017 she took the opportunity to record an album of songs written during the last 9 years. This album was scheduled for release in 2017, but in September she was diagnosed with a hand tumor which left her unable to play guitar. It was surgically removed and found benign. The album Fifty-Fifty was released in February of 2018. Amy is currently booking new shows, working on new music and writing a memoir based on her unusual medical journey.

Amy Abts: Vocals and Guitar
Andrew Valentine: Drums
Spencer Gosewisch: Bass