Eric Reynolds

Programmer, Server Dude, Dances Like No One Is Watching

Eric Reynolds
Programmer | Server Dude | Dances Like No One Is Watching

I’d like to see MTMM become a regional resource for entertainment. Potentially franchise out or expand into larger markets.

Location: Rochester, MN

    Eric grew up in Wheeling, Illinois. He made his way to Minnesota after becoming engaged to his future wife, Erin. They share a household with their cats Ella, Ash, and Bindi, and a tortoise named Fern.

    Eric graduated from Winona State University in 2003. He makes his living as a Web Programmer for CWS, a design and marketing company in Rochester. He enjoys travel, video games, and hiking. He also spends his free time as a semi-professional landscape photographer.

    “I like how music can make you feel a certain way or tell you a story all within a couple minutes.”

    What do you like about Rochester?
    I like how everything in town is within 20 minutes, and that we’re not far from other major cities.


    Musical Tastebuds

    Favorite Genres:
    Classic Rock or 90s Rock
    Bands / Artists:
    Pearl Jam, Lynyrd Skynyrd

    Favorite song:
    “Black” – Pearl Jam

    Guilty pleasure artist:
    Barry Manilow, Elton John, or Phil Collins

    When you can’t decide on music, who is your go-to artist?
    I usually just run some random stuff that I have saved. If I had to pick I’d probably go for one of the guilty pleasure ones.


    Random Facts About Eric:

    Favorite movie/TV show:
    Inception / American Dad

    Favorite food:

    What always makes you laugh?
    Probably the Grandpa Simpson rant about being a strike-breaker in the 30’s.

    What is something you’ve had to unlearn?
    I had to unlearn procedural programming to finally understand MVC model programming.