Tat Thompson

Tat Thompson
Blues, Soul, Funk, Rock
Location: Rochester, MN

    Tat Thompson is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist featuring passionate vocals and insightful lyrics encompassing a large variety of musical genres and lyrical themes.

    Raised on a dairy farm in southeastern Minnesota, he recalls many nights and mornings singing along with the radio to classic country and blues programs while milking cows. In high school, he delved deeper into roots music by purchasing the greatest hits cd’s of Hank Williams and Johnny Cash, who introduced him as he did much of the world to the great Bob Dylan. Dylan’s words and music shattered down barriers and opened him also to the world of rock and roll.

    A vocal scholarship allowed him to attend Luther College in Decorah, Iowa where he began writing songs, and playing harmonica, and eventually guitar. He has just completed his first album “Tat Thompson” featuring nine original compositions and one original arrangement of an old folk song.