Alternative, Indie, Folk, Pop
Location: Rochester, MN

VILD, personally known as Emily Elizabeth Nelson, is a musician, artist, photographer, beyond born and raised in Rochester, MN.

She has been walking this earth for twenty-two years now, moving, shifting, pacing, wandering, never really sure of where she belonged or what she was meant to do. She has found her refuge in music from birth, though, a special place between time and space for her to learn, grow, love, and wander.

VILD heard the Cranberries from the womb, played by her mother, fell asleep to Enya from the day she was born, also played by her mother, and went on to discover music for her own as she grew older and wiser. Some of VILD’s greatest influences include Enya to more contemporary artists such as Zella Day, Bastille, and Lana Del Rey with some traces of the Beatles and beyond. However, she will insist that her inspiration stems equally from her experiences with all the different artists she has stumbled upon over the years.

Admittedly, she is still discovering her sound. VILD has roots in piano, guitar, and violin and was vocally trained by William Bastian, opera singer and professor, at the College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, MN.

VILD is the Swedish word for wild, and it is the name she has chosen for herself. Her soul has become wild and free, for the first time in ages, and thus will be her name. Music has forever been VILD’s channel of release, whether she has been playing, listening, discovering, or writing. It has always been a part of her, heartbeat, beating, always. The deepest and darkest wanderings of her soul have become lost among the notes, the lyrics, the sounds, leaving her heart free to be. These creations, her sounds, are far beyond her own understanding. They are born to be free, free to help, free to inspire, and free to wander. VILD thanks you for listening and is honored to share this journey with you.