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We love live music. Do you wish our community had a more vibrant live music culture? Make your voice heard! Take an active part in cultivating the live performance scene. Sign up for our newsletter below. You’ll be notified as soon as we’re ready to unveil the website. It will have the info you need to know about helping our musical landscape grow!

Rochester Minnesota Nightlife

What We Do

My Town My Music’s aim is to bring more live music into Rochester. Our city is often overlooked by bigger artists in favor of cities with a more developed or well-known music scene. We know those kinds of artists have an audience here, and we want to help usher them into our town.

We also have a commitment to Rochester’s own abundance of musicians. Our goal is to cast a spotlight on local artists, groups, and bands through write-ups, interviews, and live shows. This city has some true musical talent. It deserves to be showcased and supported by our community.

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Meet The Team

We're just music lovers to investing our time and talents in the Rochester music scene.

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Debbie Anthony in Rochester MN

Debbie Anthony to Release New Album at Rochester Civic Theatre

After the release of her debut album All Over Again, Rochester native Debbie Anthony’s career began gaining speed. She was featured on radio programs,...

Shut Down Third Street, Winona MN Music

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