Rochester Thaw Music Festival Schedule

Who’s performing at what time and where.

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THAW 2023 Chateau Theatre Bleu Duck Kitchen Treedome Art Heads Café Steam LC's Venue
3:00PM The Walking Beat Audrey Robinson Carriage House
3:45PM Clay Fulton & the Lost 40 Comatose Pat Egan
4:30PM Jojo Green Loud Mouth Brass ft Jae Havoc Jeremy Jewell & the Co-Dependents
5:15PM Loreweavers Nyasia Jerrika Mighelle
6:00PM RLGDPPL Ginny & the Fizz Mr. Softheart
6:45PM The Immaculate Beings Luke Hendrickson & the Crop Circles Split Pine
7:30PM Burly Bluffs Burlesque Show Amateur Sheep for Wheat
8:15PM Bad Bad Hats Annie & the Bang Bang
9:00PM Faith Boblett Ruben Seasaw
9:45PM Jaedyn James Hiahli
10:30PM WHY NOT Push & Turn

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