Local Sports Studio Session

We’re proud to premiere the first installment in a new video series we’re producing, featuring live recordings at Carpet Booth Studios! We’ve partnered with our friends at Carpet Booth Studios and Wondercloud Media to create a new series of videos in which we invite local artists, as well as artists we bring to town, to record a live studio session with us.

Recently, we worked with Local Sports as part of a show they did with Author. We were blown away by their energy and had their tunes stuck in our heads for weeks after that. We knew they had recorded their debut EP at Carpet Booth, so we felt it was a perfect fit for us to kick off this new series.

Here’s how it went down.

We met up at Carpet Booth, and by the time we arrived, owner/engineer Zach Zurn and his partner-in-sound Nik Hamilton were buzzing around the studio, running cables and performing sound checks. I took a seat on what can only be the described as cloud-like piece of perfection, a.k.a. “that old couch in the corner of the studio”. Chris Christensen and the Wondercloud crew showed up and immediately hit the ground running, setting up more cables, lights, and tripods. As felt appropriate with the guys of Local Sports, we cracked into a can of Hamm’s and got to talking.

“This song is about a moment of madness. Sometimes when I’m driving I think, ‘I could veer off of this bridge into the river all too easily.'” frontman, Josh Brundige tells us. “As for the basil bouquet, some cultures place basil in the hands or the mouths of their dead so that they will have safe passage into the afterlife. The message seems dark, but it’s really about how thin the line between life and death is, and to treat life with respect because it is very fragile.”

As Cody, Stephan, and Jimmy tuned guitars, twirled drumsticks, and swapped stories from their younger years, it was apparent that this was a group of old friends just getting together to do something they’re passionate about. Zach agreed. “These guys have been playing music together for well over 10 years,” he said, “and every time they step into the studio or onto a stage, you see the history and camaraderie these guys have. It’s hard to find a band that has a killer blend of putting on an excellent show with their preparedness, but at the same time not taking themselves too seriously. This may sound cheesy, but these dudes exude joy, and it’s hard not to smile when listening to their record or seeing them play live. To have a local band that displays these qualities is a treat. It’s always a pleasure capturing Local Sports’ sound, and we are stoked to continue to get to work with them as their sound and influence progresses here in Rochester and beyond!”

To the recording!

Local Sports, Rochester Mn, Live Music
Stephan Phan, Jimmy Seechan, Cody Vansickle and Josh Brundige – Local Sports

The studio was ready, the musicians were tuned, the cameras were rolling, and without ado Cody cracked off a count and the studio exploded with music. That part will never get old. The band’s timing and preparation was right on. It’s funny how you can listen to a track in your headphones, and think, “Yeah, that sounds great!” but when you see the speed in which Cody was playing the drums, or the back and forth playfulness of Jimmy and Stephan’s guitars, you gain a new appreciation for the work they’re putting in. Josh’s raspy voice and unique delivery brought that edgy, something special, and in no time the guys had laid down the entire track. Just like that, the song was stuck in our heads again.

As for the video production, this was the second time Wondercloud had the opportunity to film Local Sports, having previously filmed the show they played with Author. “I always enjoy the opportunity to work with MTMM and Carpet Booth any chance I get. It’s also a joy to use my craft to help local bands like Local Sports in any way I can.” Chris told us.

So, for what seemed like a ton of setup and preparation, it was all over in no time. We at MTMM couldn’t be happier with how this first video turned out. Zach and Nik did an amazing job mixing the sound, and Chris and his crew did a fantastic job of capturing the feel and the vibe of a live studio. Huge thanks to Café Steam for supporting the local music scene and helping to make this video possible. We hope you enjoy this first of our new series, and be sure to give Local Sports some love. If you haven’t seen them play in town yet, make sure you get out to their next show. They will not disappoint!