Embrace The Ending Video Premiere

My Town My Music is proud to premiere Embrace The Ending‘s newest music video, “Lament”.
The video was created by Wondercloud Media.

Embrace The Ending is back with a new video for their song, “Lament”. As some of you remember, last fall My Town My Music held an event called the Local Music Showdown. It was a battle of the bands of sorts, but opened itself up to artists of all genres. We had punk rockers, garage rockers, hip hop/R&B artists, and heavy metal headbangers. The night was filled with amazing performances and capped off by a crowd sourced vote by noise level in which our champs, Embrace The Ending, were crowned. As part of the prize package Wondercloud Media kicked in a free music video. Shortly after the showdown the band got together with Chris (owner/operator of Wondercloud) and started working out the video. Above is the finished product. Shoutout to all involved, it turned out great!

We sat down with Alex Mulholland, lead vocalist of ETE, and chatted about the whole process and got to learn a bit more about the video.

MTMM: Why was this song selected to make a video?

A: Well, honestly, I get a vision for how the music video will look while I write all my songs, and this one was the one that seemed like it would be the easiest, as far as consuming everyones time and money to get it done the way I envisioned.


MTMM: What was the message you were trying to convey with this video?

A: As far as a message goes, there really isn’t anything I’m trying to get across to viewers. Its mostly just a story that’s loosely based on some experiences I’ve had in the past with multiple people. I’ve had many friends suffer with depression and have lost some because of it. I have no idea what its like to be in that position, but I have tried my hardest to understand and be there for them. The song is written from my perspective in those situations, when I was trying to help and understand, but my many offers always seemed to fall on deaf ears. I’m certainly not trying to downplay the suffering people with depression have to go through, but it’s very frustrating to be in the other position and to try so hard, and in so many ways to help, but always feel like you cant make a difference. So, through that frustration, came “Lament”.


MTMM: What was your favorite part of the video, or memory you have, from creating this video?

A: It was a lot of fun shooting everything of course, but I’d have to say my favorite part is always the editing process. Being able to watch your vision come to life is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world.


MTMM: You broke your arm at one point, how did this affect the production of the video?

A: Haha, well, it screeched it to an immediate halt. A cast wouldn’t really look good on screen, so we just had to wait out the whole 16 weeks till the cast came off. Though there was talk of just making it green so we could edit a normal arm in over it in post… but it would probably take more than 16 weeks to make that work anyways. Plus I wouldn’t want to do that to Chris over at Wondercloud Media.


MTMM: What was it like to work with Wondercloud Media?

A: Amazing, Chris new I had a very specific vision for this video and he could not have been more patient with me to make sure it ended up being exactly what I wanted. In fact I think he may be just as particular as I am when it comes to making sure a project ends up looking perfect. We went back and forth for weeks with many “FINAL” drafts of the video… but we kept finding more to tweak, just a little bit, haha. In the end though, we got an absolutely beautiful music video. We could not be happier with the outcome, and I look forward to working with them in the future, whether its for another music video or just a funny skit for kicks.


MTMM: What’s new? New Album? New Show’s coming up? 

A: We actually have quite a few songs that are in the works, some of which we are already playing live. We hope to get them on another album soon, but for now, you’ll just have to come see us in person if you want to hear them. Otherwise, next up for us is Swordmetal Fest. It’s a two day event in Savage, MN on September 15th and 16th. We’ve got tickets, so hit us up and come check it out! We always make it a great time.

“I really enjoyed working with Embrace The Ending. The band is really easy to work with- and so was Georgia [Actress] who was great. When we first got together it seemed that Alex had some video experience, so I asked him if he wanted to direct it and he said yes. As someone who does a lot of directing out of sheer budget necessity, I was overjoyed. Having him direct made it so I could focus more on the camera and work more closely with Gaffer, Dan Elvaback on the lighting, production design, etc. We were happy with how it turned out.” – Chris Christensen of Wondercloud Media

Enjoy the video, and keep your eyes and ears focused on ETE and catch a show next time you get a chance! Get out and support your local music scene!