Luke Callen at Forager Brewery

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Luke Callen at Forager
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12th Nov, 2019
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Forager Brewery
Organized by Luke Callen

Luke Callen at Forager Brewery

Come join Luke Callen (Minneapolis) for a evening of tall tales and short tunes.

“No dog ever eats Luke Callen’s homework. He does it all. He turns it in ahead of time. Not for a grade. Not for extra credit. It’s his work and he’s good at it. Poet. Singer. Player. Just listen. First he captures your attention. You want to make comparisons with the giants whose shoulders he stood on. But don’t. He’s plenty tall enough in his own bare feet and his shoulders are wide enough to hold up the next batch of poets, singers, players. Keep listening. Now he captures your imagination. Luke is the hitch-hiker who picks you up. Get in. Toss your bindle in the back. Have you got a couple bucks for gas? No matter. He’s going take you all around the world. Pay attention. He’s going to show you everything that’s in it. And it’s right Below Your Knows.”

-Eddie Allen

“Below your knows gets better with every listen. The album has a great atmosphere, it is one of those rarities that once you start it, you have to listen to the end. It is a standout, I get the same feeling from this album as I get from listening to albums like Dead Kennedy’s – Bedtime for Democracy, or Grateful Dead – Live/Dead, or Al Scorch – Circle Round the Signs. Below your knows takes you on a sonic journey and hits the listener in their soul. It is amazing, the music connects you with a “life force”…to others, the Earth, and the stars.

The songs are something special; they feel so genuine and heartfelt. It’s truly rare to find music like this out there these days. The songs take one on an introspective journey and forces you to answer the question “Are you fucking alive?!”.

By the time the album finishes, you are left with the question….what next?

Hit Fucking Play.”

– Eric Peloza

“Take heed, take heed, Luke Callen has a great new song “a walk out of doors” from his upcoming album, Below Your Knows. An album built out of the roots that once was American folk music. It’s simple, earthy, and raw. “A walk out of doors” is the first track off the album and it is nothing short of a masterpiece. It’s beautiful and gritty. I don’t know if it’s the tonal quality of the resonator, or Callen’s vocals, but I could listen to this song ten thousand times and never grow tired. The lyrics paint a beautiful picture, the resonator places you within the picture, and Callen’s voice makes it so you never want to leave. I feel like I’m sitting down around a campfire listening to Callen as if he’s right there in front of me. It’s incredibly intimate and I want nothing more than to witness him performing the song live.”

– lttlbrthr

Luke Callen is originally from the river town of La Crosse, WI-the heart of the Driftless Region-and currently lives in Minneapolis, MN by way of Colorado. A teller of tall tales and a singer of short tunes-Luke lugs around a couple of guitars-a few harmonicas and even a banjo if he has to. A simple writer and liver who cares more about his cast irons than he does about his interweb streams-Luke is now on tour and will be for the foreseeable future. To track him down and see a live show for yourself…please just get in touch.

Having steeped himself-like a cheap bag of tea that you found in a drawer you rarely open-in the recording’s of Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music, to campfires, classrooms, honky tonks, festivals and clubs across the country, Luke brings his humble sense of humor and humanity. With his Chevy Astro greased up, Luke has played hundreds of shows spanning both coasts, the American west, south and heartland. He has had the opportunity to provide support for Dom Flemons, Dead Horses, The Dustbowl Revival, Kacy & Clayton, James McMurtry, Whiskey Shivers, Charlie Parr, The Lowest Pair, The Last Revel, Lilly Hiatt, Chicago Farmer, and Robbie Fulks among others.

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November 12, 2019
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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Forager Brewery


Luke Callen

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