Jae Havoc - Rochester MN, Hip Hop Artist
Jae Havoc
Hip-hop, Rap, Punk, Grunge
Email: h2l_1@msn.com
Location: Rochester, MN
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Jae Havoc is a(n) Emcee/Vocalist/Producer/Handsome Philanthropist from Rochester Minnesota looking to make your day awesome with some dope music!

Jae is from Rochester, Minnesota. He began writing creatively at 11 and grew an increasing interest in hip hop by 13, at which time he started learning how to write songs. Learning quickly that finding beats is a tedious and sometimes expensive process, he began making music with anything he could get his hands on, including keyboards, drum machines, guitars, computer software, etc. By 15 he was producing and recording his own songs, improving this process over the following years. He played his first show at 17 at Rochester bar, The Westfire and would continue to indulge in performance. At 18 he met guitarist Kasey Katusky, who he began jamming with. Soon after Kasey introduced Joe to drummer John “Paco” Hernandez. Later, finding a bassist (Phil Gunn) they started writing music and playing shows together as the punk rock band “Corporate Failure”. With this influence, Joe’s solo music benefited and branched out into other styles including soul, punk, dubstep and metal. This shows best on his latest releases, “Kill Scott Heron” (2015) and more recently on his EP “Dark Days x Bright Nights” (2015).

Joe has also aided in other artists work, including Minnesota Metal band “AfterTime” and Seattle hip hop artist “Brakebill”.


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