There was a moment at our launch party concert that I was sitting and watching Mike Munson playing one of my favorite songs of his and forgot that we were the ones that invited him here to play. I had gotten swept up in the the music that I’ve heard in my hometown of Winona. When I finally remembered where I was, a swell of pride washed over me.

This was a room full of people to see good live music.

When Dustin, Bekkie, and I first started talking about doing something to contribute to the Rochester’s live music scene, each of our reasons was a little bit different.

From our talks, two things became clear. If you want something to happen with music:

  • You can’t wait for someone else to do something about it
  • It’s going to take a group effort to make musical magic happen

If you’re like me and the countless others that have lamented about the lack of venues, well-known acts, not knowing about a show until right before…know that you have the power to change things. I challenge you to be the one that changes things.

Change is hard. So here are a few things you can do to improve the music scene:

Learn about local acts

booksie and the pages, rochester mnWhen I lived in Winona, I had a pretty good idea on all the bands in town. When I moved to Rochester, I wanted to know who the local acts were, but didn’t know where to start. I had no idea what great local bands and artists we have right in our back yard (and I’ll confess I’m still learning). For those of you in my shoes who want to learn about local music, but don’t know where to start, check out the Local Artist Directory to discover and listen to local acts (we’re adding more each month). Or check out the Upcoming Shows & Events Calendar.

Go to a show

This one is essential for getting more acts—bigger acts, better acts—to Rochester.

Things like Down By The Riverside and Thursdays on First are great, because they bring great music of locally- and nationally-known acts to a wide array of people. I was so blown away by Lucius at their DBTR show that I went home and bought two albums immediately.

But there are only a handful of those shows every year.

If we really want make Rochester an attractive city for more/bigger/better music, buying tickets to a show is even better.

The reality is booking agents are going to book shows for their artists where there is an audience. And they’re looking for an audience that views the performance as valuable enough that people are willing to pay to see it.

Just think. Buying tickets for this show could attract your favorite band to play here next.

Have a say in the music scene. Become a member.

Remember when I said it’s going to take a group effort to make musical magic happen? I truly believe that. No one person can do it themselves. If you’d like have a direct say in the music that gets booked in Rochester, consider becoming a free or premium member of My Town My Music.

Members get to vote on acts for upcoming concerts, access to presale tickets, drawings for free tickets, and VIP upgrades.

Be the change

If you want to see change, you can’t wait for someone else to do it. Be the person that helps shape the Rochester music scene for the better.

I’ll see you at the next show!