The Shift

The Shift
Phone: 503-890-0122
Location: Rochester, MN

Light hearted empaths, open-hearted enthusiasts, playful scalawags, mystical realists, sincere tricksters, devilish do-gooders, stay gold ponyboys, fancy-pants dancers, wounded healers, charitable rogues, tender ruffians, graceful klutses, immature sages.


The Shift rocked 15,000 people in July at the Down By The Riverside concert series opening for Soul Asylum. They have played locally and in Minneapolis/St. Paul, St. Could, Mankato, Des Moines, and Milwaukee. They are eager to tour.

Breaking into the Rochester Minnesota music scene in 2015 with stunning reviews, THE SHIFT looks to take their unique music mix to a much broader audience. With Beatles-esque harmonies, brilliantly intricate guitars, and unforgettable melodies, THE SHIFT reawakens a compelling essence of 60’s pop music.

After a national tour while signed with Capitol Records, Travis (Guitar/Vocals) and Taylor (Drums), hooked up with a veteran of the Olympia music scene, Daniel (Bass/Vocals), and a Rochester native from the local band scene, Cole (Guitar/Vocals). What emerged was a beautiful coincidence of chemistry, passionate song writing, and fun loving energy that is THE SHIFT.