Jae Havoc Video Premiere

We’re proud to premiere Jae Havoc‘s newest music video, “Ian Mackaye”.
The video was created by Wondercloud Media.

“The song is about personal change on multiple levels, while keeping your core principles,” says Jae. “Ian Mackaye was originally the front man for the influential hardcore punk band “Minor Threat”. Their music was visceral, but the band and their writing maintained the punk ethos and DIY approach. He went on to become one of the front men of the post-punk band Fugazi. They kept that ethos, but brought their sound into a new space and pushed limits. I aim to do that with my music.”

“The video is set ‘IN THE FUTUUUURE ECHOES’, but it’s still about a topic we can relate to now: technological overstimulation. Tech has made things so much better, but it’s also invaded every aspect of our lives. Sometimes you need to disconnect from the world to find inspiration and personal growth.”

Chris of Wondercloud Media adds, “We always try to find ways to highlight Rochester when we set out to find locations. Quarry Hill made that easy in this video.”

Jae is donating 50% of the proceeds from the single to Quarry Hill Nature Center as they recently had a break-in causing a lot of damage.

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